Monday, 23 January 2012

War 'Orse

Nobody does war like Spielberg. And who could have thought he could make scenes as powerful and moving as the opening sequence in Saving Private Ryan without blood? I certainly didn't but I was proved wrong! But War Horse isn't all moving and powerful, some of it is just dull and boring.

I think it was a couple of years ago I read the book by author extraordinaire Michael Morpurgo, so I couldn't remember every little detail before seeing the film. I do remember it being an extremely good book though! The story is of Joey the horse who is brought up by farmers son Albert Narracott, when World War 1 comes into the mix Joey is taken by the army to be brought into the fight. We then follow Joey as he embarks on an adventure that takes him all over the front line of the war. Cue the dodgy accents!

The first quarter of the film I admit had me worrying as it was quite dull and a tad cheesy. The only thing that had me excited was the setting which was the amazing countryside of Dartmoor which I have grown up next to for most of my life so I could recognise many of the places on the screen. But apart from that it was pretty boring.

Thankfully demigod Tom Hiddleston and ace detective Benedict Cumberpatch come and pick up the pace of the film and really start to make things exciting. Both actors at the top of their game and Benedict Cumberpath showing off a rather dashing moustache. Cue some powerful scenes of horses charging into German occupied territory. Which really is the highlight of the film.

Then the film goes to the other side of the war as Joey is accompanied by two German soldiers and the a french family. And my god are the accents terrible. Maybe not so much the french daughter and grandad but the German accents are so bad I would rather they had spoke German and subtitled the film! Near the end of the film a German soldier even says 'cheerio'! I have lived in Germany for eight years and I have never heard a German say 'cheerio'.

But besides from the first act and the terrible accents the film is actually quite good and Spielberg really proves he is the master director of war scenes. Unlike the books which are from the horses point of view this film looks at the people surrounding him which really gives a good insight into the characters. the film does stay true to the book but as with any book to film adaption it is not as good but this one is still great and a must see for anyone. You could probably take your gran to this one and she would love it! War scenes are great, everything else is not!

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