Tuesday, 6 March 2012

What Would Travis Bickle Do?

The other day I was riding my bike to my girlfriends house. I was riding up a street, same as usual but there were two people standing on the pavement. A boy and a girl. As I rode past the boy spat at me and the girl called me a t**t. For no reason whatsoever! I did nothing, I just rode past. Secretly I wished I had worn my Spider-Man costume underneath my clothes so I could avenge myself. But unfortunately I didn't. Instead I was left angry and thinking, what would Travis Bickle do?

Martin Scorsese's big breakthrough character, Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver. In my eyes Travis Bickle was Scorsese's version of Batman. The most realistic version of Batman there could be, even more then Christopher Nolan's version. His aim: To wipe the scum off the street of New York. Imagine if he was real. Imagine if he was today.

He would be disgusted and he would be angry, imagine what he would do to the two people who spat and swore at me? - Only imaginable in Martin Scorsese's mind! But what if he wasn't alone? What if he was with another American psycho Patrick Bateman.Only he is more messed up about wiping the scum off the street, or anyone in that case. But unlike Travis Bickle he has money. This is team up that can only be made in dreams. But if The Avengers movie is anything to go by studios may think up some pretty awesome team ups!?

Our society nowadays has become more and more divided economically and with the increase of superhero films it won't be long till some messed up person takes a stand against the higher powers or the people who need to be taught a lesson, like the two people I met!

Secretly I think everyone wants to take a stand but maybe not in the way Travis and Patrick did!

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  1. Only you would think what would a Fictional Character would do
    Remember, you're not spiderman, you're not the hulk :L


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