Monday, 18 March 2013

Teacher - Production Post #1

Myself on the left with Aaron OToole on the right.
So I wanted to write this post about some of the film work I have been up to as I am very excited about my current projects. You may or may not know that I am currently studying a Film course at Falmouth University where each semester we are given a new film project to work on. This time round we were pitched ideas from other students in our course and then we had to develop these ideas and make a 5 minute short film out of them. I had the privilege of taking on the directing role in my film group and what we have produced so far makes me very happy!

Chloe Maliphant
My group, which consists of three other people, went with an idea that looked at a teacher's point of view when permanently excluding a child from education. We have since developed that idea and have a done a lot of work on it. Faith Stoddard wrote an amazing script whilst producer and DOP Laura Whittington got everything in place for us to film some amazing footage that wrapped up nicely last week, the footage is now left to our editor and sound designer Aaron OToole who no doubt will have made something brilliant out of what we have, in time for when we meet up again after the Easter break.
Jono Blythe

The two actors taking the lead roles in our film are Chloe Maliphant and Jono Blythe. The two truly have some amazing talent which I believe will come across very well when the film will be released and entered into festivals later this year.

I am very excited for this short and I hope that you might be too but if my word isn't enough then please take a look at this amazing poster helped realised by Rita Kazakevica and designed by Faith Nelson:

If you are still on board and think this is something you are interested in then please support us by liking our Facebook page and following the short film's Twitter account.

Most of the crew are on Twitter apart from our editor, feel free to follow them also. Myself/Director @SuperAlexMan, Producer and DOP @UkuleleLaura, Producer and Screenwriter @FaithhS.

Please blog about us and share our short film with your friends. We have been getting a lot of positive support and the whole crew would love for this film to be shown to as many people as possible once completed.

If you want to know more detail or would just like to get in contact then either contact my email; or the film's email:

Thank you very much for reading! Over the Easter I have another exciting project I am working on which if you follow my Twitter I will hopefully be able to spill the beans on soon and I also have another round of Quick Reviews planned.

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