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Everyone should watch this film.

This film came out 1 year ago in cinemas, I remember hearing a few things about it, but it didn't have a massive marketing campaign. Not as far as I am aware of anyway. This was probably why I never came round to watching this film until now. Basically more people need to watch this!

The film is about a 14 year old girl who is targeted by a sexual predator. This is a hard hitting subject for a film and believe me, it's not exactly a happy one. The film is directed by David Schwimmer, best known for his part as Ross on Friends. He previously directed the light hearted comedy Run Fat Boy Run, but Trust is completely the opposite to this.

We have heard all the bad things in the news about paedophiles grooming young children, but most of us have never experienced this head on. This film tries to educate the audience on how horrific this type of crime is. We don't only witness it happen but we also see the aftermath. We see the girl still wanting to be with the man she believes loves her. The girl's father wanting to rip the head off the paedophile, like any parent would. It's all very controversial and it's all very powerful.

I don't think i have ever seen a film that has made me feel so angry and so sad at the fact that this is most likely happening somewhere right now in the world. I congratulate Schwimmer and his top notch cast of actors like Clive Owen and Catherine Keener for taking a risk in making this film.

The acting is just top class and thoroughly believable, especially from Annie played by Liana Liberato in her debut film. She holds the film together and gives off an extremely emotional and powerful performance that stands up against Clive Owen's also incredible performance as her father.

This really is a very powerful film and rather then just reviewing it, I also want to promote it's existence! This film should be shown in schools across the world. It should be shown to parents, kids, literally everyone should be made aware of the subject matter of this film! Schools now give out Internet safety lessons, but never has the danger been so apparent after watching this film.

I can not stress enough how much this film needs to be seen! It's not easy to watch by any means, but it is something that needs to be. It is not just because of the subject matter though that makes this a must watch, this film is also a really good quality piece of art.

I have never been in a situation like that of the film, but I was very touched by the story. It was upsetting but also enlightening. That is why I am giving this film a rating of 5/5.

Please everyone, watch this film!

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Alex's Essential Spider-Man Blog

Submitted by John Smith @OMGitsJohnSmith
50 years ago a man named Stan Lee created one of the most loved and well known super heroes ever. That super hero was Spider-Man. 50 years later he is still a big icon in modern day pop culture and with a still running comic book series and new movie coming out next month, he is not fading away just yet! Therefore I am dedicating this post to my hero, The Amazing Spider-Man. This is an extra long Spider-Man special post that will look at the man behind the mask and why his latest big screen movie could be his best. Also I will be voicing my opinions on what I want from Spider-Man in the future. I also have some great stuff to show you from a soon to be released fan movie called Spider-Man Eclipse, prepare to be amazed! Most of the images here have also been supplied and created by fans of Spider-Man, what better way to show our love! Thank you to all the people who got involved in making this post extra special! So here we go, hold on to your webs true believers!

Who is Spider-Man?
Spider-Man first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 in 1962. He was thought up by the mind of editor/writer Stan Lee and brought to life through the artwork of Jack Kirby and Steve Dikto (who also helped with the storylines).
Peter Parker was the boy underneath the mask. A high school student turned masked vigilante after a radioactive spider bite. Peter Parker was an incredibly smart and good humoured teenage boy, who was orphaned at the age of 6 after his parents died in a aeroplane crash. Peter's shyness and scholastic interest often made him a social outcast and he was often picked on by the cooler kids at his school, kids such as Flash Thompson.
Peter lived with his aunt and uncle in Queens, New York. The spider bite gave Peter superhuman strength, proportionate to that of a spider, including the ability to stick to surfaces and super agility. He also gained spider-sense, a brain function that is triggered whenever danger is near. Using his amazing scientific knowledge, Peter went on to create his own web shooters.
Peter used these abilities to help make cash by becoming a wrestler and winning fights, and after a TV appearance Peter failed to stop a thief, claiming that it wasn't his responsibility. That thief went on to kill his beloved Uncle Ben. Since that day he has kept to his Uncle's saying 'With Great Powers, Comes Great Responsibility'.
Mary Jane Watson is the most well known love interest of Peter Parker, but she was not the first. Liz Allen was the first lady to take a fancy to Peter, although they never dated. Betty Brant of the Daily Bugle was given that honour. Not that it lasted long.
When Peter went to University he met Gwen Stacy, after a bumpy start they soon became friends. As this started, Mary Jane entered the picture. Though at this time Peter was interested in Gwen.
Submitted by Emma Dean
Gwen and Peter's relationship began to blossom, until the death of her father was blamed on Spider-Man. Gwen decided to leave the country but Peter changed her mind. Their relationship took a turn for the worst after The Green Goblin dropped her off a bridge only for Spidey's webbing to break her fall but also her back, killing her instantly.
It was after her death that Peter and Mary Jane began to come close. They fell in love and married, but after a pact with the devil their relationship was broken up in exchange for his Aunt May's life. Although they still spent a large part of their life together they decided it was best to remain friends.
Other relationships include Felicia Hardy aka The Black Cat and the most recent Carlie Cooper, who broke up with Peter after learning about his secret identity after everybody in New York got Spider powers. Peter currently works at Horizon Labs as a top scientist.

The Comics
It was in 1963 that Spider-Man got his own comic series 'The Amazing Spider-Man' and it is still going strong. Along the way other Spider-Man comics have come about that give a fresh new take on the web head. Comics such as The Spectacular Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man and Peter Parker:Spider-Man. I do like these new takes on Spidey but I am more of a 'Amazing' fan as this was where Spider-Man started and where his journey is still progressing. Its had its less appealing storylines in the past but i feel it is now at one of its strongest points with 'The Ends of the Earth' storyline written by Dan Slott.
Dan Slott has been a great attribute to the Spider-Man legacy and really proved himself recently with the awesome storyline 'Spider Island' where all of New York acquired spider powers! He has now just finished 'The Ends of the Earth' storyline which sees Spider-Man face Doc Ock in one last attempt to stop the mad scientist destroy the world. The story has been awesome and the threat has never been so menacing. Peter even designed a new spidey suit to stand up against the Sinister Six, which looks very cool! Not that you could ever get rid of his red and blue spandex original suit! I have loved every minute of this storyline and cannot wait to see what Slott has up his sleeve next! Something big is happening with The Lizard later this month, just in time for the film!

The Movie
I enjoyed all of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, with Spider-Man 2 being one of my favourite films ever! I even enjoyed his third outing, not that it compared with the first two. Tobey Maguire however was not Peter Parker to me. Peter Parker is an extremely intelligent nerd, not a crying wimp like Maguire portrayed him. He had his try, but now we move on to the next guy and he seems to have a bit more of an understanding of who Peter Parker is.
A lot of people don't like the idea of rebooting Spider-Man so soon, but its his 50th anniversary this year, how could we not have a film out to celebrate? In the comics Spider-Man has many different versions, in one he's not even Peter Parker anymore! I can't wait to see The Amazing Spider-Man and these are my reasons why:

-Andrew Garfield
If anyone has seen his previous work then you know this guy can act! He has been brilliant in everything he's been in! He is very good at understanding characters and who better to play Spidey then an actual fan! Just take a look at his speech at Comic Con last year, you just know he is going to do the character justice! He is definitely one to watch as he could be the next big thing.
Judging by the released clips he really has taken to the role and  no doubt will be the best Spidey to date!
-Emma Stone
We all thought Emma Stone was going to play the red headed Mary Jane, so it came as a bit of a surprise when she dyed her hair blonde and became Peter's first love, Gwen Stacy. But we had no reason to be surprised, she looks incredible! She looks as if she's been ripped from the pages of the comics! Her acting in the trailer shows off that she could be the most perfect Gwen Stacy we have ever seen! Whilst promoting this film Stone has been adamant about the choice to include Gwen in this adaption is because she falls in love with Peter, whereas MJ falls in love with Spider-Man. With Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield now an actual couple in real life, their chemistry on screen should be (no pun intended) amazing!
-Curt Connors/The Lizard
Peter's first enemy in the new Spider-Man film could also be his most personal. Unlike other villains, the Lizard is going to be anything but one dimensional! Curt Connors was a friend of Peter's dad and could help Peter find out who he really was. His transformation into this large scaly beast is much more emotional, all Connors wants is to grow back his arm. Rhys Ifans looks like he is going to do a brilliant job as both Connors and the mo-capped Lizard. Unlike other people I think the CGI looks pretty good and I don't mind that he doesn't have a snout. This way we get to see Ifan's performance shine through the Lizard's facial features. Also the theme of cross species genetics is apparent throughout this film.
-Marc Webb
Although his last name may make Marc Webb seem like the perfect choice as director of the new film, his previous work suggests other wise. After doing a load of music videos, Marc Webb's first and only feature film to date was the brilliant (500) Days Of Summer. A truly awesome and super cool film, yet it is nothing like a superhero action film. My only guess is that the producers wanted a man who could make a great character story and believable on screen romances. Marc Webb is your man then! Don't worry about the action though, he even stated that he did this movie so he can blow stuff up. Lets hope he contains himself a bit more than Michael Bay! Can't wait to see what he does for Spidey!
-The Origin
Submitted by Ben Doney
There could be some story tinkering here! Not that it's a bad thing. Uncle Ben will still probably die but Peter Parker isn't the nerd he was in the comics. Nerds are cool now, didn't you know? Peter Parker is more of an outsider then he ever was and this time round he wants to know more about his parents. Rumours also state that the spider bite may just trigger his powers, which may have already been there! At first I was worried about this but actually, this could be good!
-Web Shooters
The film is not only just changing some of the original story, it is also keeping with some of the original comic elements that Sam Raimi's film did not use. One of these being the web shooters. Peter Parker is super smart and it will be great to show this finally by showcasing his talent. They look pretty awesome and they flash! The flashing is weird I agree but I can't wait to buy the toys.
-The Suit
There have been mixed opinions on the design of Spider-Man's new suit. I actually really like what they have done with it, there have been a few pictures where I have been worried but after seeing the trailer I really think it works well. Also the design looks more as if it could have been made by Peter Parker with the trainer style shoes and the the biker design gloves.
-The Sequels
Before we have even seen the first film, Sony have already hired writers to write the second in the series. So they must believe this will be a good one. The marketing has already stated that this will be the first part of the story and that not all questions will be answered in the first instalment. Are we seeing a story arc that has already been set up and that Marc Webb and company already know what route they want to go down and what villains they want to use next?
-The Game
Movie tie in games are usually rubbish. Yet this one is not? That's what reports are saying from people who have played the demo at events such as E3. So why put so much effort into a game if the movie isn't going to be just as amazing. I've pre ordered mine and guess what, you also get a chance to play as Stan Lee! NERD OUT! If it can live up to the awesomeness of the Spider-Man 2 game then it really could be one of the best ever!
-The Trailer
If the trailers are anything to by then this certainly could be good! The trailers have had a good reception and have made me very, very excited! This was my favourite one:
-The Clips
Although I have tried not to spoil this film too much for myself, I had to watch this one clip of Spidey in action. I just wanted to see if they had got it right! And they certainly did! It doesn't look as if Spider-Man is going to have a perfect start to his career, and the mix of practical stunts and CGI have really paid off as this looks ten times better then Raimi's fully CGI Spider-Man!

Also this latest clip of Peter Parker and Flash Thompson really shows off the great comedic value that is going to be apparent throughout the film. Just like Spidey should be.
-Viral Campaign
Viral campaigns have made it big all of a sudden after The Dark Knight campaign proved very successful! The Amazing Spider-Man's campaign has been very good as well! Although you don't really get much to do over here in the UK, it has been fun seeing people spraying the Spider-Man logo in different places and taking pictures of the web head to send in to a fake police site. There was an awesome wanted poster and other items given out to fans during the process. Makes me wish I was living in the states.
Submitted by @CosmicRewind

Spider-Man Eclipse
It's not just Hollywood who have big plans for Spider-Man, over here in the UK a group of people have been putting together a short film based on the web head called Spider-Man Eclipse. I only recently came across this project but after watching all of their videos on making the short I am now very excited for it! This is more then just a fan film! Here is the official description from their website 'SPIDER-MAN : ECLIPSE IS THE UPCOMING SHORT FAN FILM FROM BOKEH PICTURES DUE FOR RELEASE ON 2ND JULY 2012. WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY AWARD-WINNING DIRECTOR AL WHITE (BENEATH, COLORBLIND AND LEAD-SINGER OF UK INDIE BAND GHOSTLIGHT), ECLIPSE IS A TRUE PASSION PROJECT AND IS ENTIRELY INDEPENDENT. SHOT ON THE RED EPIC AND BOASTING A HIGHLY SKILLED AND PROFESSIONAL CREW, STUNNING PARKOUR STUNTS, AND FX FROM AN AWARD-WINNING TEAM: THIS NEW VISION OF SPIDER-MAN INTENDS TO CHALLENGE THE UPCOMING MARC WEBB AND ANDREW GARFIELD REBOOT 'AMAZING SPIDER-MAN' BY THROWING THE CHARACTER INTO A TRULY VISCERAL, BRUTAL AND REALISTIC WORLD - EXPOSING THE DARKER, MORE HONEST AND AFFECTING TRAITS OF THE LEGENDARY MARVEL COMIC BOOK CHARACTER TO THE SCREEN.' Sounds pretty awesome right!? A teaser trailer has recently gone up, which also acts as a sort of prelude to the short film. Check it out bellow:
I can't wait to see how this turns out! Spider-Man made in the UK! The current release date is the 2nd of July, but this could change so keep an eye on their Twitter for details: @SPIDERMANSHORT 
I really admire what these guys are doing as a fellow Spider-Man fan and filmmaker. Make sure to spread the word so these guys get loads of attention, they deserve it! I will review the short film in a later blog post.

What's Next For Spider-Man?
Submitted by @ComicBookKidUK
Well as I have already mentioned there is a sequel planned for the film, what villains we do not know. There is talk of a Venom movie that ties into the movie's universe, which could be pretty awesome! Lets hope if this does happen that they pick a suitable actor to play Eddie Brock. I can't see Venom being the main villain in the next film if they wish to give him a spin off. What if the spin off is just the origin story for Venom, maybe he could be the next villain in an Avengers movie? I know Sony have the rights to these characters but Avi Arad the producer of Spider-Man recently stated; "Everything is possible. If something like that happens, it's great for Disney, it's great for Sony. If the right story comes in, we are now working on Venom first." This could be the start of something amazing! It's not official yet but a reference to The Amazing Spider-Man was planned to be put into The Avengers with the Oscorp building from the new movie being rendered into the skyline of New York. Though unfortunately the digital New York was already rendered and it would take too much time to add in. Sad news but it is also great to hear that Sony and Disney were willing to work together on this one, I would love to see Spider-Man in an Avengers movie. Who wouldn't?

Submitted by @jzzmncttrll
I would like to see a possible adaption of The Six Arm Saga in the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, and as we are trying to keep a grounded touch on this series of films, it could be done like the 1994 TV show where Peter finds out that his spider powers are mutating, eventually ending up as a giant spider! If Curt Connors is not killed off in the first film then it would be great to see his scientific mind put to more use in finding a cure for Spider-Man and himself! I wouldn't rule the Lizard out of appearing again at some point in the future! If these films are looking more into genetic DNA scientific aproach to Spider-Man, then this could be a great route to go down! When Spider-Man does turn into a giant spider, Kraven the Hunter could be called into catch him, creating yet another villain who is not one dimensional. That's just my thoughts though. What I hope they don't do though is kill Peter Parker off and replace him with Miles Morales, the latest character to wear the suit in Ultimate Comics:Spider-Man as nobody wears the suit apart from Peter Parker! It was a good idea from Marvel but having somebody who isn't Peter Parker in the suit just doesn't feel right.

In other Spider-Man future events, we still have the 50th Anniversary issue to come from the comics, yet again written by Dan Slott who no doubt has something amazing in store for us! Who is Alpha?

The new TV show Ultimate Spider-Man has also been renewed for another season. I warn you though it is not great. It is a fun TV show but this Peter Parker is not the one from the comics, in this series he is cocky and arrogant. You might like it but you're more likely to hate it. The animation is good though and you also get more Agent Coulson so it's not all bad. One episode including the Hulk is made to look as if its filmed on a video camera, in a Paranormal Activity esque way is pretty good. You have been warned though!

With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibility

Submitted by me! @SuperAlexMan
So here we come to the end of my special Spider-Man blog. It's been great writing this and I want to thank everyone who contributed to making this blog extra special, including all those who submitted fan art and Al White who gave me the pictures from Spider-Man Eclipse.

There is a lot of love for Spider-Man and that is a great thing to see. The new film coming out looks like it could be the best yet! I am sure Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield will do the character justice. Make sure to come back here to read my review when is out in cinemas 3rd July.

Spider-Man means a lot to people all around the world. The means to stand up for what is right and to never runaway from doing the right thing! Stan Lee did not just create an character, he created an icon, an inspiration, a hero. Spider-Man is my hero because he is Peter Parker and so am I. Easily one of the most relateable figures in Marvel Comic universe.

Excelsior! Thanks for reading and remember 'With Great Powers, Comes Great Responsibility'

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Comic Con Documentary & The Pact

Today I have two reviews of films I have just seen. They are very different, one is documentary film about the San Diego Comic Con, and the other is a low budget horror film. Very different in terms of style, genre and quality! Here are my verdicts:

Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope

Morgan Spurlock has made some great documentaries in the past, the most noteworthy being Super Size Me and 30 Days. He is a master of his art and he has made yet another masterpiece! This time he is not the star, the star is Comic Con. The largest and most famous Comic Con in the world, held annually in San Diego USA. Every nerd in the world wishes they could go to Comic Con, including myself. One day I will go, I will make sure of that and this film just made me more determined!

The film follows several different types of people and their journey throughout the four nerd filled days. One guy's showcasing his portfolio, one girl is designing costumes and another guy is getting ready to propose to his girlfriend at the Kevin Smith Panel. This isn't a documentary about the historical backgrounds of the convention, this is video diary of the events which occurred a couple of years ago.

The great thing about this is that you route for each guy and girl because they are so dedicated and passionate about their trade, you want the guy to draw for Marvel, you want the girl to win best costume and you hope that the guy's girlfriend says yes when he proposes. You even want the grumpy comic book seller to sell some comics! Basically you are routing for the underdog, the people who you usually associate as the nerd or the geek, you are now following and anticipating their journey.

The documentary has a whole load of interviews with some very awesome people like Joss Whedon and Stan lee, who actually produced the film. You also get some really funny antics from Kevin Smith who has you laughing out loud throughout most of his interview. Seth Rogen, Eli Roth, Frank Miller, Harry Knowles, you name it, they are in it! It's a nerd fest and I love it!

Though this isn't just a massive advert for Comic Con, the downside is highlighted. The decrease in comic book sales and how they are no longer the main attraction at the convention. They have been pushed aside for pop culture hits and franchises. Don't let that rain on your parade, you will still be dying to go by the end!

The great thing about this film is that you can show it to family members and they will finally understand your obsession with the place! I watched this with my girlfriend and she enjoyed it, maybe not as much as me, but she now realises why I want to go so much! She knows I want to go to a place where I fit in with the thousands of other nerds and speak about nerdy things! One of the reasons I made this blog was to share my opinions with people who care or have the same interests as my own.

I will be there, one day, dressed as Spider-Man and I will love it. This documentary has reinforced that fact and that is why I am rating it a 5/5.

The Pact

I admire people who write and direct their own films, it's something that I wish to do one day. This was the one thing that interested me about Nicholas McCarthy's first feature film The Pact, based on his previous short film of the same name.

The plot goes like this; 'As a woman struggles to come to grips with her past in the wake of her mother's death, an unsettling presence emerges in her childhood home.'
Though like most horror films, this film falls short of being good. Somebody needs to take the horror genre and take away the bad acting, women running around in underwear and terrible scripts. Something this film has a lot of! I was hoping for something different, something unlike anything we have seen before

The problem with this film, is that it feels as if it's trying to be like Paranormal Activity without the handheld element. Why does every horror film now have some kind of poltergeist haunting a house! Unlike Paranormal Activity this film shows us too much, which just takes away from the scares of which there were only a few. I was only scared about twice in this film, once I had kind of guessed what was happening I felt safe, which isn't something a horror film should make its audience feel.

Lets talk about the acting, it wasn't all that good. Maybe this was because of a pretty bland script or just because the people involved were bad actors. Thankfully the main character played by Caity Lotz isn't too bad but even she has her moments. She also had one green and one blue eye which they kept emphasising on, for no reason what so ever in the end. Apart from Lotz everybody else is pretty terrible or has hardly any screen time to tell.

There is one character in particular who feels very over done which was Stevie played by Hayley Hudson; the creepy girl who talks to ghosts. Although they really went overboard on the make up and she looks more like a ghost then a person, which just seemed like a bad decision.

There were good points to this film, it looked very good. The cinematography was spot on and everything looked good on screen. Also when there were scares they were good, but after that there's not really much else.

Maybe its because I'm not a big fan of the horror genre but I just wasn't into this film, I was hoping for more but it never really delivered. If you enjoy the genre then this might have enough scares to satisfy you but for me it was a bit disappointing. Which is unfortunate and why I'm giving this film a rating of 2/5.

Thanks for reading! Check back again this week for my big Spider-Man blog special! Remember if you have any fan art of Spider-Man it can be used on the post if you send it in to my email - all who submit any images or art work will get a mention!

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I Need Your Help & The Descendants

I NEED YOUR HELP! I am currently writing a Spider-Man SPECIAL blog post, and I would like you to get involved! What better way to promote our love for The Amazing Spider-Man then to have the images be made from real fans! So please send me your pictures, art work etc... I have had a few sent in already and I am currently working on my own piece of art as well!

Send your pictures and images to either:
My twitter account: @SuperAlexMan
Or email me:

All who submit a picture that is used will be mentioned in the post!
Thanks! Now on to my review of The Descendants.

I love it when a film surprises me. Although I am a big fan of George Clooney, this film did not appeal to me before hand. Maybe I should have taken notice of its Oscar win for best screenplay or its other nominations for best film, editing, directing and acting. But the Oscars rarely nominate anything that is worthy. This time though, they were right to nominate such a brilliant and touching film.

The Descendants is one of those films that has a perfect contrast of happy and sad, not many films can do this, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is the only other film I can think of that did. There are some really sad moments in this film, I mean it's about a guy who's wife gets put in a coma during a boating accident. He then finds out his wife has been cheating on him and he has to come to terms with this and his two unruly daughters who he struggles to handle.  George Clooney's life pretty much sucks, or at least his character Matt King's does! So you may be thinking right now, where's the funny in this? Well actually there are a lot of moments which make you chuckle or even laugh out loud. Most of these moments involve Sid, played by Nick Krause, his character is a friend of Matt's daughter who sticks around to keep her 'more civil'.

All the acting here is great, I can't really pick out anyones performance and says its bad. I possibly would have liked to have seen more of Mathew Lillard's character Brian Speer, but that's about it really. The acting is so good that we even get a feel as to what Matt's wife was like before the coma. George Clooney does well at playing one of those characters that is dislike-able but like-able, if you get what I mean. We don't like him but he's George Clooney! This character is a lot like the character Clooney played in Up in the Air. Why has this man only won one Oscar?

This film is pretty much flawless, but I guess if I was to pick out anything it would be the music. It keeps with the Hawaiian theme of the film but there is a lot of it and can get quite tedious. But that's just me.

Overall this film is incredible and I am so happy that it turned out to be much better then expected! I recommend this film to everyone, it is brilliant and George Clooney gives another perfect performance! I'm giving this film a rating of 5/5.

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Is The Black Panther Marvel's Next Solo Movie?

If the rumours are to be true, then the unknown Marvel movie set for 2014 could be for The Black Panther. This makes me very excited as The Black Panther is a very cool character to bring to the big screen.

The comics were written by Stan 'The Man' Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby. He debuted in 1966 and was the first ever black superhero in mainstream American comics. If the film was to be made then this would be a first for a Marvel film to have a black character lead the show, rather than just having small parts like Samuel L Jackson and Don Cheadle have in the Marvel cinematic universe.

The origins of The Black Panther go like this; The Black Panther is the name given to the leader of the village of Wakanda. Wakanda is sitting on a large amount of Vibranium and over centuries other countries have tried and failed to invade Wakanda, every time being stopped by The Black Panther. The Black Panther has super strength, speed and stamina. These powers given to him by a special heart shaped herb. Present day's Black Panther is a man named T'Challa. Who, apart from having these super abilities, also has a PhD in Physics from Oxford University and is a trained gymnast. So this dude is pretty awesome! The idea of getting his super powers from a magical herb is slightly odd, but I'm sure that this will be written well enough to fit in to the Marvel cinematic universe.

The script is apparently being written by Mark Bailey who's recent work includes a load of documentaries.  So a strange choice but Marvel usually allow newcomers in to the picture and they haven't been wrong yet!

Though nothing is confirmed I reckon the director won't be an obvious choice when they come round to pick it. My card would be on somebody like Josh Trank (Chronicle) or Edward Zwick (Blood Diamond) to be given this role.

I also hope they go with less known lead. I would love to see John Boyega (Attack The Block) take the lead as he looks like a perfect fit for the character. Being relatively unknown will also help boost him to stardom. Though he is still quite young I think he would be an awesome T'Challa. Another person rumoured that would also be good is Adewale Akinnuoye-Abaje (Lost).

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but I think The Black Panther would be a great character to be given a solo film. Much better than the rumoured Dr Strange or Guardian Of The Galaxy movies, I just don't believe they would fit in. One things for sure, if Marvel do take a gamble on this one, then I will definitely be buying a ticket!

Thanks for reading!

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Prometheus 3D Review

So Prometheus came out today and I just saw it, it is incredible! Ridley Scott has come back to the sci-fi genre with a film that exceeded all my expectations and more! I am a big fan of his first sci-fi film Alien, a film that redefined the genre and sparked a long running franchise and a number of spin offs. Alien was amazing, but unlike many others, I was not a big fan of the films that came after it, not even the highly rated sequel Aliens directed by James Cameron, so maybe I have not been as excited as some fans out there who couldn't wait for this kind of prequel to the Alien franchise. I am so happy that this film turned out to be one of the best sci-fi films I have ever seen!

The plot of the film goes like this; 'A team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe.' The edge of the universe is in fact stunning and the film opens with wide swooping shots of a planets landscape that, mixed with 3D, can only be described as a beautiful spectacle. This fim however is not a direct prequel to Alien so those who go in expecting this may be disappointed. Xenomorphs are not the aliens that the crew of the spaceship Prometheus encounter.

The crew embarking on this mission to find our creators are made up of some of the best acting talent around at the moment, including, Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba and Logan Marshall-Green. It's great to see Noomi Rapace in a leading role after her under used role in Sherlock Holmes 2. We now get to see her acting talent shine through just as much as it did in her role as Lisbeth Salander in the original The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo films. Though my only criticism of her is her accent that I think was supposed to be British but sounded kind of South African. Maybe its because she's an explorer so shes probably picked up many accents on her journeys. Rapace plays Elizabeth Shaw, basically Prometheus's Ripley. Is she just as good? Yes!

Though it is not Noomi Rapace's character that steals the show, that goes to Michael Fassbender's role as the android David. It seems as if Fassbender has a knack of stealing films with his incredible performances, and this is just another role to add to his list of amazing characters. He was definitely the best android I have ever seen!

Another great thing about this film was the visual effects. They were stunning! Not at any point did I think I was watching a swarm of pixels on screen. Maybe this is due to Ridley Scott's determination to use as little green screen as possible, and this really payed off as the hand built sets looked amazing! The cinematography also helped make this film look visually beautiful, and the 3D worked perfectly with this element. The soundtrack also made an big impact on the film and helped create some terrifying sequences, The score was composed perfectly for the film.

The 3D is very good. It is not always apparent but when it is, it really helps create a new dimension to the scenes you are watching. In particular a scene where a sandstorm commences, in which the 3D really helps it come alive. I don't know whether I would recommend seeing it in 3D or not, but if you enjoy the element then this is one film you should watch.

This film is not for everybody though, it can be very gory in places and rather scary. Maybe not as 'horror' as the first Alien film was but it definitely had its moments! Also if you are pregnant then maybe you should give this film a miss, you'll know what I mean when you see it. 

Overall I loved this film! Although many will disagree with me, I personally think this film was better than  Alien and is one of the best sci-fi films ever made. I hope that it gets a sequel as the film raised more questions then it answered. 2012 is turning out to be one of the best years ever for film! I'm giving Prometheus a rating of  5/5.

Thanks for reading!