Sunday, 19 August 2012

Where Have All The Special Features Gone?

It has occurred to me in the last few years, that DVDs contain little to none in the area of special features. Now this is obviously because Blu-Rays have been brought into the mix and have the ability to contain more footage on their discs.

I do remember however, when DVDs first came out they were advertised as being able to have loads of special features. It seems Blu-Ray's have taken the same approach and the only way to enforce this and increase sales is to leave DVDs with no extra bits. Well thanks. Because I don't have a Blu-Ray player and don't plan on spending the small amount of money I have, on one in the next few years as I will be off to University.

In University I am going to be a Film student and will therefore be interested in watching the special features of films. I can probably guess that a Blu-Ray player will be very rare thing in the halls of residents, leaving me to have to find these features elsewhere.

Not all DVDs have this problem. The Hunger Games DVD coming out soon in the UK and has it's own second disc full of special features! This is most likely because the studio know that most of their audience do not own a Blu-Ray player. Surely all studios could do this?

The reason I wanted to have a bit of rant about this is because of the soon to be released DVD of The Avengers. Being one of my most anticipated films ever, I want to know how it was made. Instead all I get on my DVD is a special feature called A Visual Journey. Yay. Whereas the Blu-Ray has a load more special features and a short film! Come on Marvel, at least give me a 2 disc special edition! You did it with Iron Man, and I bought that!

So come on studios! Please add some special features to your DVDs or people are just going to download or stream them online! Remember there are those of us who haven't upgraded to Blu-Ray and will not for a while to come! We need to make this the normal thing again, or at least for The Avengers DVD!

What do you think? Is it just me who thinks this, or is just me who still owns a DVD player? Comment below!

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  1. Sure that's exactly how hollywood works. Theyll remove dvd content to force you into BR. Keep pushing and pushing new technology, regardless of whether its any good or not (3D for example) just to keep a head of the game and rolling in money.

    BR is just the next step.

    1. I agree, Blu-ray is definitely the next step but I just wish studios would stop pushing it down our throats by taking away special features on DVDs. Thanks for commenting!


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