Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Marvel Phase 2

Being a massive Marvel fan I thought it would be a good idea to voice my opinions on all the announcements from the San Diego Comic Con on the next phase of the Marvel cinematic universe. I didn't go to Comic Con so I am working off the stuff I have read from news sites and the fans who went there.

Iron Man 3 - 2013
The first Iron Man film is one of my favourite films of all time. Robert Downey Jr. was the perfect casting as Tony Stark and completely stole the show! Unfortunately Iron Man 2 was not that good, it has its good moments but was a disappointment compared to the first film. However I have much higher hopes for the third outing with the great playboy, philanthropist. This is mainly because Shane Black is on board as director. As much as I loved Jon Favreau, it will be great to see someone else take on Iron Man and hopefully keep the awesomeness of the first film and The Avengers. Shane Black's only other film is the incredible Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which also starred Robert Downey Jr. Black also penned the Lethal Weapon films.

At Comic Con, Marvel showed footage of the new film that is due out for release next year. the footage showed Tony Stark testing out new armour and then having his house blown up by an army, apparently run by the Mandarin played by Ben Kingsly. In the comics, Mandarin is Iron Mans greatest foe, the way Joker is to Batman. That is why this new villain could be awesome. Guy Pearce and James Badge Dale have also been added to the villain mix. Both great actors but I do hope this doesn't turn into Spider-Man 3! I have faith in this though, all we need know is the footage to creep onto the Internet, hopefully in the form of a trailer!

Thor: The Dark World - 2013
All that was announced of this project was the name. And what a cool name! It has been rumoured that in this film we are going to be exploring the darker gritty side of Asgard and this announcement sort of confirms that. Natalie Portman is back on board so we probably still get some Earth scenes but I cannot wait to see more of Asgard! Christopher Eccleston has come on as the villain but I bet a Thanos will be somewhere behind the scenes. I'm not a big fan of Christopher Eccleston but we still get Tom Hiddleston's Loki, so who cares?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - 2014
Oh yes, you saw right! The Winter Soldier! Perhaps my favourite announcement of Comic Con is that the new Captain America movie will follow the story of the late Bucky Barnes who (SPOILER) is not dead, unless they change the story completely that is! Bucky gets brainwashed into becoming a spy for the Russians, being dosed up with anti ageing drugs and becoming just as strong as Cap. This is all speculation at the moment, but this could be awesome. Antony Mackie is also rumoured to play the Falcon, which adds another super hero to rota. The Avengers made Captain America cool so I cannot wait to see where he goes next!

Guardians of the Galaxy - 2014
This was the most disappointing news for me, although it was Marvel's worst kept secret, I was still hoping for them to announce a Black Panther movie. Instead we get this sci-fi team up of superheroes which guard the galaxy. I never really got into the comics and I dodn't know how Marvel are going to make the team work in the same universe. Hopefully it will have its own universe but either way I am interested in what comes off this, but not as much as the rest of the line up in Marvel phase 2.

Ant Man - 2014/15
I love everything that Edgar Wright has ever done and this is shaping up to stay on his record of awesome movies. Ant Man isn't my favourite Marvel character but after the reported test footage shown at Comic Con I know this will be awesome! The test footage showed off some action that was reported as a new form of fighting called size-fu. That sounds very cool! There isn't a set date but it has been rumoured it could be out as early as 2014! I look forward to casting news, which could come any day now!

The Avengers 2 - 2015/16
 It's happening! We not sure when and we don't know if Joss Whedon will direct but it is happening! The next wave of superheroes are getting ready to set it up, no solo Hulk movie yet but Mark Ruffalo is contracted to do 5 more films as Bruce Banner! Will it be as good as the first? Only time will tell, but I will be just as excited!

What are you most excited about in Marvel Phase 2? Comment below and thank you for reading!

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