Monday, 25 June 2012


Everyone should watch this film.

This film came out 1 year ago in cinemas, I remember hearing a few things about it, but it didn't have a massive marketing campaign. Not as far as I am aware of anyway. This was probably why I never came round to watching this film until now. Basically more people need to watch this!

The film is about a 14 year old girl who is targeted by a sexual predator. This is a hard hitting subject for a film and believe me, it's not exactly a happy one. The film is directed by David Schwimmer, best known for his part as Ross on Friends. He previously directed the light hearted comedy Run Fat Boy Run, but Trust is completely the opposite to this.

We have heard all the bad things in the news about paedophiles grooming young children, but most of us have never experienced this head on. This film tries to educate the audience on how horrific this type of crime is. We don't only witness it happen but we also see the aftermath. We see the girl still wanting to be with the man she believes loves her. The girl's father wanting to rip the head off the paedophile, like any parent would. It's all very controversial and it's all very powerful.

I don't think i have ever seen a film that has made me feel so angry and so sad at the fact that this is most likely happening somewhere right now in the world. I congratulate Schwimmer and his top notch cast of actors like Clive Owen and Catherine Keener for taking a risk in making this film.

The acting is just top class and thoroughly believable, especially from Annie played by Liana Liberato in her debut film. She holds the film together and gives off an extremely emotional and powerful performance that stands up against Clive Owen's also incredible performance as her father.

This really is a very powerful film and rather then just reviewing it, I also want to promote it's existence! This film should be shown in schools across the world. It should be shown to parents, kids, literally everyone should be made aware of the subject matter of this film! Schools now give out Internet safety lessons, but never has the danger been so apparent after watching this film.

I can not stress enough how much this film needs to be seen! It's not easy to watch by any means, but it is something that needs to be. It is not just because of the subject matter though that makes this a must watch, this film is also a really good quality piece of art.

I have never been in a situation like that of the film, but I was very touched by the story. It was upsetting but also enlightening. That is why I am giving this film a rating of 5/5.

Please everyone, watch this film!

Thanks for reading!

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