Wednesday, 11 January 2012

3D Or Not To Be? That Is The Question.

I, like many, am not a big fan of 3D. It seems like a new gimmick that allows institutions to make more money on their film products. And not many films have left an impression on us that 3D is the way forward to cinema. We get hooked in to the film being in 3D and every filmmaker claiming it is better 3D then the last. This tends not to be the case and we waste our money on paying extra for a pair of glasses that only darken our viewing experience.

There are those that take care in this new technological advancement in filmmaking. I am of course talking about James Cameron and Martin Scorsese. James Cameron brought us Avatar two years ago too the big screen in 3D. And the audience had never seen anything like it before. We fell in love with 3D and expected the rest of the film world to follow. This did not happen and we were given crappy conversions of films like Clash of the Titans. 

Conversions are films that were filmed in 2D and filmed in 3D. Sometimes this is used because the 3D cameras are expensive but sometimes its just a money making opportunity. I personally get very annoyed at these conversions, if you are going to make a 3D film you film it in 3D! If you are going to make a franchise in 2D why convert the last one to 3D, HARRY POTTER!? It has recently been announced that The Avengers will also have the conversion treatment, as much as I can't wait for the movie I will not pay out for an extra dimension! Especially when it was made in 2D!?

If you are going to do a conversion you need time and care to be able to put into it. Star Wars I has been undergoing the 3D conversion for over a year now. That is film I will pay out to see and not just because I am a massive fanboy.

Somebody who does give time and care into their filmmaking is Martin Scorsese who I mentioned earlier. His most recent film Hugo was his first step into 3D which he has been fascinated with since he was a child. I went to see Hugo a couple weeks ago and it really was a masterpiece and the 3D was incredibe. Personally I found it better then Avatar. You could tell that the director thought about every frame and how to use 3D to its best in it. 

If Hugo is what the future holds for 3D then it sure is the way forward but if 2012 is full of crappy conversions then I can see it dying out within the next couple of years. Thankfully we are being blessed with two major films next year that are actually being filmed in 3D and will benefit from this technique. I am talking about The Hobbit and The Amazing Spider-Man, which as you already know I am extremely excited for!

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