Friday, 20 January 2012

It's Like Fast & Furious But Good!

I am of course talking about the sensation which is Drive. Drive is one of those word of mouth films which critics and the public have both loved, Total Film named it their film of 2011. So obviously I thought that I must check this film out! And after a long wait I finally got round to seeing it and I was amazed!

I do not always agree with the critics but on this occasion I do! Drive is one of those films which is incredibly cool and no matter what situation the main character is in you want to be him! The main character is played by Ryan Gosling who is personally one of the best actors around at the moment. And his performance as the driver is one of his best. And he was brilliantly partnered with actress Carey Mulligan who is also at the top of her game at the moment!

The plot goes like this; A Hollywood stunt performer who moonlights as a wheelman discovers that a contract has been put on him after a heist gone wrong.

That sounds familiar, almost like the plot of Fast & Furious movie. If you sit down expecting one of those monstrosities of a film you will be deeply disappointed. This is a driving movie for film buffs. It takes its style from films of the 1970's and 80's. The soundtrack is uber-cool and will send shivers down your spine whilst you watch the masterpiece.

It is quite violent in places and sometimes you have to watch through your fingers. It seems 2011 was the year of the hammer for movie deaths as it was used once again in this film. I think I am actually starting to develop a phobia of hammers after the amount of pain I have seen them inflict on the big screen! Thor, Kill List and now Drive when will hammers be banned!

But I haven't talked about the cars yet which are obviously a big part of the film. The cars are super cool and the chases in which they are involved are too cool to handle. The opening sequence is one of the best getaway car chases I think I have ever seen!

I have never seen a film by Nicolas Winding Refn but after watching this I will definitely see more! I hear Bronson is a good film and I need to catch up on Tom Hardy's films before I see him in The Dark Knight Rises!

The film is superb and I just can't get enough of Ryan Gosling at the moment! I'm off to see War Horse at the weekend so I will post a review of that on the blog soon!

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