Wednesday, 8 February 2012

While I'm Away...

So over the next week I won't be able to blog as I am going to be off skiing! But whilst I am doing that I will be able to film the shots for my short film 'Snow Dream'. You can read about my project here

But if you are now thinking 'what am I going to do without a new blog post for a week!' which you probably are not, why don't you check out this blog that is made by my good friend Jamie Pullan if you want to read some great post and settle the fight over Vampires Vs Wizards I definitely recommend it!

Or if your more into gaming I recommend another blog from my other good friend Ryan Mills if you want to read greatly written blogs on all the latest gaming news I again recommend it!

I have also been lucky enough to have my '3D Or Not To Be' blog post be featured on the site Opinion Panel, Opinion Panel is the independent market research agency dedicated to understanding students before, during and after their time at university. If you want to see the post click this link; I would like to say thanks to the people behind putting the post online, you should check it out if you think you have something worth blogging!

But here is where I leave you but don't worry I will blog as soon as I'm back! I am taking several films with me to watch so I expect I will review them in a later post! One film being The Ides Of March which stars a man you have probably heard me raving about, Ryan Gosling and George Clooney, looking forward to that one!

See you soon!

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