Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Some Kick Ass News!

You may have read the title of this blog thinking that the news I am about to give you is really good, which it is, but it is also about the sequel to one of my favourite films, Kick Ass!

Kick Ass 2 has been thrown around a lot since the release of the first film in 2010. Many people saying it is happening and many more saying the opposite. But writer of the comics and film Mark Millar has confirmed that it has been green lighted and may even start filming this summer! Which I guess would lead to a 2013 release date.

I loved the first film and would love to see a sequel, hopefully all the actors will stay on, including Chloe Grace Mortez who played everyones favourite sweary young superhero, Hit Girl. Though it is not likely that Mathew Vaugn will return in the director chair but Mark Millar hinted at a possible producer role. Although it is unfortunate but lets hope that whoever takes control of the next one that they they maintain the same style of the first one throughout and not add it too the list of awful sequels that have been made in the past! I hope the statements made by Mark Millar are true!

In other sequel news, I am Legend 2 has also been given the green light. I really liked the first film but cannot see the point in a sequel or how they would do one, considering a certain character being killed off in the first! But apparently it could be a prequel or they may continue after an alternative ending which sees this character survive. Either way I preferred it as a stand alone film but we will see what happens next!

More kick ass news, this time not so literal! The Amazing Spider-Man viral site has released a 50 second clip that sees Peter Parker face up against  that intimidating doorman we heard of in the trailer, quite a cool clip that shows off Andrew Garfield's boyish charm and that teenage awkwardness that we were all hoping for from the latest film. Give it a watch here!
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