Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer!

So yehh, I just saw the new trailer for my most anticipated movie of 2012, possibly of all time... I'M KIND OF NERDING OUT RIGHT NOW!!! While I calm down you can watch it for yourself:

Did you just see that! Wow Spider-Man is back and looks better then ever. All the haters can shut up as this trailer brings a storyline that looks nothing close to the first one. It's dark it's gloomy and still has great humour, 'Do I look like a cop?'.

Andrew Garfield puts on his Peter Parker mojo brilliantly and really suits the character more then anyone else (Tobey Maguire!). It looks like it's taken advice from Christopher Nolan but not enough to make it look like a rip off. The stunts look cool, you actually believe that is Spider-Man swinging through New York and beating up criminals and taking on a SWAT Team!

Then there is Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy who looks like she could be Peter's best catch yet, she actually looks as if she loves him, though I (spider) sense that they could bring Mary-Jane back for round 2 to form a tricky love triangle for the webslinger. Though they would have to bring in some one good enough to create an on screen romance that betters the one I have just seen, probably helps that they are now a real life couple. Though I am also secretly hoping Gwen Stacy get chucked off a bridge like in the comics, that would create something we have never seen in the case of Peter Parker's personality, especially since he seems a bit more darker in this version.

Then finally there is Rhys Ifans as The Iizard or Dr Conners. Didn't get much chance to see him in all his glory but the glimpses shown did look impressive. Could be quite a strong fella too as in the last part of the trailer we see him taking down a building that we all know is going to look super cool in 3D. I also like how they are hinting at Peter Parker possibly making the formula that creates The Lizard. That would be a lot of 'With Great Power Come Great Responsibility' especially as Peter has daddy issues this time round and Dr Conners looks like the only one who will help him out!

Overall it looks incredible and I cannot wait for this film! I'm going to go and watch that trailer again and again and again!


  1. Dunno what to think of this one, going back to the web shooters is fairly cool and it's nice to see them using Gwen instead of MJ. I can’t see how they'll kill her off (if they plan on doing so) seeing as it's the Goblin that does it, and I don’t see them bringing him back. XD The Lizard with a flat face doesn't sit well with me, something off about it :P Interesting that they are exploring the death of his parents. Dunno if Garfield can pass off as a teen though ;/ The trailer does look good, I just think there are too many differences for me to be able to sit and enjoy it :P

    1. Obviously I like it as I am a massive spider-man nerd but I do see your points :P But I do think Andrew GArfield is going to be a great Peter Parker as he is a great actor. Also I don't think I have seen enough of the lizard to make up my mind about him just yet and the flat face may just be a certain point in the transformation. But thanks for the comment :)

  2. Mmm I hope so :P The action scenes look great, looks like the plot is aiming towards an older audience which is good. And no problem ;3


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