Thursday, 15 December 2011

Some Of My Film Work

So I haven't really blogged about my own film work yet and if you have read my profile you will have seen that I am a budding filmmaker. I haven't actually made any full feature films yet as I am studying my A-Levels and hoping to do a film course at University next year.

Last year though I did make a film trailer for my coursework called Experiment 66. The trailer was for a made up film I had created which was like Twilight for men, as it has a bromance instead of a romance. And everyone loves a good bromance! I also am editing footage from my school play The Wizard of Oz to make a DVD. I went in to some of the rehearsals to make a trailer though. You can see both the trailers bellow! Experiment 66 is on Vimeo so click the link to go see that one. The school production one has no sound due to copyright issues.

Experiment 66 Trailer

I do however have two short films that are being made, here are the ideas:

Broken Hearts
A found footage film that puts a twist on the romance genre. The film starts with a boy being run over by a car, we then go backward through the footage on his video camera to see a relationship between him and and a girl. We see that the boy had just been in an argument with his girlfriend before his death.

Snow Dream
This is film about a young boy who dreams of himself in a winter wonderland. The concept does not sound very exciting but it is going to be set to a soundtrack of The Killers songs. The things that happen during his dream are all inspired by the music and I want it to be almost like a tribute to the amazing band!

Hope you like my work and ideas and hopefully you might be able to see the short films early next year!

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