Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Whatever you call it (in the US it is Zootopia) (In the UK it is Zootropolis), there is no denying that this film is really good. I had an absolute blast watching this one in the cinema; it was funny, charming and heartfelt with its characters, story and messages. If you have a child or are a big child like myself, go see this film, now! Trust me, the kids in my cinema showing were loving it so much that one of them was doing the robot dance at the end... I don’t know why that was but I guess it meant he liked it?

Zootopia is set in a world like ours but instead of humans its animals. Prey and predator have evolved and put their differences aside to live together, the staple of this utopia being their main city, Zootopia (get it!). We follow Judy Hopps, a bunny who dreams big and works hard to become the first ever bunny cop. But things aren't as good as they appear and the animal kingdom laughs at her wanting to do a job those bigger and more intimidating animals usually take on. In order to prove her worth, Judy teams up with a sly fox, Nick, and together they work to solve a missing persons case.

It's harmless fun and even if it wasn't an animated film this would be a really solid buddy cop movie. You really fall for the characters, especially Judy, and you are invested in them throughout the story. It's light hearted but deals with a lot of big themes about our society such as racism, sexism and prejudice. However it's not so bogged down that it doesn't know how to have fun, this film is crammed full of it.

From its great comedic scenes to its background animal puns, there is something for everyone to laugh at here. This is what I loved most about this film; its writing is so clever. The plot is tight and although it may not be constant belly laughs, the film always has something in the background to snicker at as well. Which is a credit to the animators as well who built a very well realised and pun induced world for this story to be set in, I mean the animation is stunning!

The Walt Disney Animation Studios is on fire right now, they keep pumping out these really great family films that have some very powerful messages intertwined in them, at this point they are on par with Pixar for me. I hope they don't put a foot wrong soon because I will keep watching whatever they make.

This film is a credit to strong storytelling and brilliant world building direction. I never would have thought that I would prefer this film to Batman punching Superman in the face but unfortunately that is the case (that kid I talked about at the start had a Batman hoodie on, bet he didn’t do the robot at the end of that film, if he was even allowed to watch it). I don't care though, I loved this film. Keep this up Disney; keep this up because it is so, so good. I'm rating Zootopia (or Zootropolis) a 4.5/5.

Have you seen the film? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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