Monday, 10 February 2014

Quick Reviews #7

Odd selection of films for this post of quick reviews. Two Oscar nominated films and one that should have been in for Best Animated Film, if it had come out earlier. Read on to find out what I thought of The Lego Movie, Inside Llewyn Davis and Dallas Buyers Club.

The Lego Movie

This animated film is brilliant. It is a very nostalgic piece that brings you back to your childhood and reminds you of all the crazy and weird things you can do with Lego. The film feels like a child could have written the story and I do not mean that in a bad way! The story is big and wild as you follow Emmet, the special one who has been prophesied to save the word from the evil Lord Bussiness. Emmet however is a pretty average figurine living in a world run by one company, with their views and beliefs being chucked down his neck. Yes The Lego Movie is also political, but it's not distracting from the amount of fun you can have with it if you just sit back, relax and expect stupid hilarity that will have you laughing throughout. The Lego Movie is one of the smartest animated films I have ever seen, even though it is one big product placement, it never takes itself too seriously and never fails to make you laugh. It's just a lot of fun and so it should have been because that's what playing with Lego is all about. The film makes you feel like a kid again as you remember the wonders and imaginations of Lego with stunning CGI and stop motion animation. Bringing characters like Batman into the mix makes my inner nerd squeal and putting them into the crazy adventure is all a plus. I also saw it in 3D which was good but I wouldn't say it was necessary. I am giving the film a rating of 4/5. Take your family and go see it!

Inside Llewyn Davis

The Coen brothers latest film is a treat. The beautifully shot Inside Llewyn Davis follows a folk singer as he tries to get through life after his music partner has committed suicide, and whilst his luck is generally just going down hill. The film is bittersweet but Oscar Issac manages to bring a softness to character who seems unlikeable but by the end of the film I was really caring for him. The film has the most amazing lighting, every shot looks incredible and a lot of care has gone in to them, as you would expect from a Coen brothers film. The best thing about this film is it's relationship with the music, much of the film is full of musical performances but every single one feels unique and adds a new depthness to the already well written characters, never getting boring. The music itself is also great and there is a great selection of songs on the soundtrack, which I bought immediately after seeing the film. It's a tragic yet sweet story that is put together so well with its great shots, lighting, dialogue and performances. The Coens always bring lightness to a bad situation with their brilliant writing style. I know Inside Llewyn Davis is going to be one of those films that I can watch over and over again. I am giving it a rating of 5/5. I wish it all the best at the Oscars this year!

Dallas Buyers Club

I knew this film would be good but I didn't expect it to hold up so well against the other Best Film Oscar contenders this year. I was wrong, Dallas Buyers Club is an incredible film that feels very relevant for the time we live in. even in our world now, there is still a lot of prejudice against homosexuality and AIDs and this film strives to change our views even though the film is set in the 80's when our prejudices were worse than they are now. I would give an Oscar to Matthew McConaughey right now if I could, he has my metaphorical vote for his performance as  Ron Woodworth, a man who strived to get medication to AIDs patients after being diagnosed himself. It's a truly powerful and uplifting story despite it's heavy topic, the way it unfolds took me by surprise and kept me hooked to the screen at all times. This is a really brilliant film that needs to be seen by everybody, its story is one that needs to be told even though it took an age for the film to be in development. The use of sound and cinematography heightens all emotions as you start to feel for a character that began as racist, homophobic cowboy. The other highly commendable performance that everyone is talking about is Jared Leto's. Believe the hype, he is great, but I think the spotlight deserves to be on McConaughey, who really does go all out for the character. I loved this film, it is amazing and therefore I am also rating it a 5/5. It may not win Best Film but it should win Best Actor hands down!

What did you think of the films I have reviewed? Let me know in the comments below.

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