Saturday, 11 January 2014

Terrorcotta - Over

Last year I was given the task from my flatmate to create a music video for his new band Terrorcotta. So during December I had to film, edit and produce it for their deadline which was today. The song is called 'Over' and it is very upbeat and enjoyable. The idea from the start was to create a homage to 70's Cop B-movies. It was a lot of fun to make and was the most fun on set I have had yet! You can watch the full music video here:

I filmed the music video of Canon 5D's Mark 2. I was used to the camera but I have never had to edit such a fast paced story to music. This was my first challenge. The next was using After Effects, a software I have little knowledge of but was happy at the outcome of the overall cinematography and gun shots. Watch out for more Cranston Rigby!

Here is the press release for the band:

Terrorcotta – More than just a colour

Just as people thought rock was hiding away in the shadows, here is a new band that is trying to bring rock back. With in the last couple of years, there has been a distinct lack of rock music in the charts and as the ever-ticking hand of life reaches yet anther cycle, a new band are about to step forth to conquer commercial rock. 

This enticing band, called Terrocotta, is made up of members: Ryan Rogers, Alex Matthews, Alistair Wilson and John Logan. They are about to release a song called “Over”. It’s riddled with memorable riffs and lyrical melodies, which means this band is not just for rock or indie lovers, but also branches out to a wider audience. 

The band met while studying Popular Music at Falmouth University and initially performed in bands based around lighter genres of music, such as: Electro Pop and Reverb Indie. After their taste for a grittier sound emerged, band began writing and recording under the name of Terrorcotta.

The band is based in Falmouth, Cornwall and will be releasing their debut single, “Over”, on Tuesday 7th January 2014. This is a band that is one to watch.


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