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Star Trek Into Darkness

So before I start this review I would like to say that I am one of those people who never really got into Star Trek until J.J Abrams's 2009 film. The 2009 reboot blew me away and I really loved it and therefore was looking forward to the sequel Star Trek Into Darkness very much. So was J.J Abrams second Star Trek film a film worth waiting for? As with all my reviews this one is spoiler free.

Following origins of Captain Kirk and Spock and the rest of the Enterprise crew in the first film, this one can dive straight into the action. This time round we join the Enterprise crew as they go after a starfleet member turned terrorist, John Harrison. The film is action packed and fast paced from start to finish, you are in for a great ride. Obviously there is a lot more to the plot, and as with a lot of films these days there are a lot of big twists and turns along the way. I was disappointed by some of the smaller subplots at the start, which were wrapped up so quickly it left you feeling whether they were even needed in the first place. The twists are great, however when some are revealed it isn't too hard to predict where the plot might go next.

J.J Abrams's first Star Trek film lacked a developed villain and this was the first thing they changed for Into Darkness. Believe the hype, Benedict Cumberbatch is incredible and indeed steals the show. He plays John Harrison who is a very well written character and one of the best sympathetic villains i've seen in cinema in a long time. However he does not overshadow the rest of the cast, especially with the Kirk/Spock bromance which also stands out and makes the film. The bromance brings the most funny, heartfelt and powerful moments to the film. If it wasn't for the great chemistry between Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto this film would fall short and I don't think even Cumberbatch could save it.

More of the supporting characters get more screen time this time round, most noticeably Simon Pegg's Scotty who has his own character arc in the film. Unfortunately some of the bigger characters of the first film seem to get less, such as Uhura who seems to be forgotten for the middle part of the film, and not to mention her relationship arc which gets touched on at the start but then forgotten again.

The cinematography is stunning and the lens flares seem less in your face than the previous film, I personally do not mind the lens flares that much and quite enjoy that Abrams brings his own style to his films. For a film that is effects heavy it is lucky that they look so good; not once was I taken out of the moment by some dodgy looking CGI. Even the practical effects were great, you get to see a few revamped Klingons which look great and if a threequel goes ahead we could be seeing a lot more of them.

J.J Abrams has made the perfect sequel, he has gone bigger, bolder and better! What I loved most about this film was that I was emotionally involved in these characters lives even though I have never been a massive Star Trek fan. Some of the scenes are very powerful and well written, the film doesn't come without a few flaws but for me it was one of the best sci-fi films I have seen. That is why I am rating it a strong 4.5/5.

I think it's fair to say that Star Wars Episode 7 is in good hands, especially since the latest Star Trek films have felt quite familiar...

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