Sunday, 8 July 2012

Spider-Man: Eclipse & Snow Dream Poster

So the short film I talked about recently has been released via IGN. Spider-Man: Eclipse has received thousands of views and a very positive reaction. I will be giving my verdict on the film below, but that's not all! I also have the first poster for my new short film; Snow Dream.

Spider-Man: Eclipse
So it's out, but is it worth a view? Oh yes it is! All you need is 10 minutes free and you've got yourself a very enjoyable short film. This short takes the dark and adult tone that The Amazing Spider-Man attempted and pushes it to a new level. The style is gritty and the action is grounded and very cool. The effects look awesome for an indie short and the quality is superb. The short was actually filmed on the same type of camera that The Amazing Spider-Man was!. The actors suited their roles well, but I was more interested in seeing some awesome parkour action! The style of the film felt like a mash up of JJ Abrams and Zack Snyder with the lens flare and super cool slo-mo action sequences. The suit won't be to everyone's taste but I quite liked the woollen type costume, it felt more like it had been made by Peter Parker himself, though I can't see something like it being used in the movies. The only thing that didn't work was the length of the short film, I just wanted more! It felt as if we were introduced to these characters and then cut off to quickly. This didn't stop the constant fanboy references to the comics and other Marvel characters being thrown in every other second, which was a brilliant touch. If this film gets enough attention then hopefully there could be more. I definitely hope so! Congratulations to the director Al White and his crew for making an amazing Spider-Man short film worthy for fanboy appreciation. Check out the short film below:

Snow Dream Poster
The title is a bit cheesy but I hope that you like the poster for my upcoming short film. I spoke about this project in one of my first blog posts and how I wanted this to be a tribute to my favourite band The Killers. This unfortunately did not work out due to financial and copyright reasons and also due to the lack of footage filmed. This was down to unforeseen weather circumstances whilst I was in Oberstdorf, Germany. However I have finally scrounged all the footage I had and  made something out of it. The short will hopefully be on YouTube next week. The project is a lot different to how I first intended it to be but I hope you guys will still enjoy it. I am also working on another short this Summer which I hope will be my best yet. More news on that another time though, for now enjoy the poster for Snow Dream.

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