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My Favourite Films from Previous Sundance Film Festivals

So as Sundance London is just around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to let you guys know my favourite films from the festival since it started in 1978. Obviously I have not seen all the films that have been screened there but I have seen a few, so here are my top ten favourites:

This film is funny, touching and just genuinely great! It is a directorial debut for Richard Ayoade and he has started well! The director will also be at Sundance London so hopefully he may be able to give some tips and advice on his film making style. I have reviewed this film before and that can be found here.

Mean Streets
Martin Scorsese started his well known fame for bringing us the greatest gangster movies right here! The film has everything we love about the gangster genre and mixes it with a pretty awesome soundtrack. Although dated the opening credits sequence still remains one of my personal favourites.

The Kids Are Alright
This is also one of my favourite films. I think it is brilliantly filmed with a great story and an issue which has not been explored much by other filmmakers. The cast are spot on and they perfect every scene. Especially Mark Ruffalo and Julianne Moore who are standouts among the cast. But with a start and end that is soundtracked by two of my favourite artists, MGMT and Vampire Weekend, how could you go wrong?

The film that brought Christopher Nolan into the limelight. Starring the underrated Guy Pearce, this film has it all, action, romance and thriller of a plot! Yes it is crazy and messes with your mind but it sure does deliver! Has the man ever made a bad film?

Blue Valentine
This film is one of the most depressing films ever made, but it sure is good! Standout performances from Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams as a couple who's relationship is going down the drain. The film also gives us plenty of flashbacks into seeing the start of their relationship. Truly a great but depressing film!

This film proved to me that Tom Hardy is a hell of an actor! He is almost unrecognisable in his role. The film is dark, violent and surprisingly funny! I have reviewed this film before and you can find that here.

(500) Days Of Summer
Another one of my favourite film. I love films that recreate the romance genre and make something new, original and exciting. This film is edited together brilliantly with comedy, great casting and some awesome tunes! The director Marc Webb is now about to film my most anticipated film of the year The Amazing Spider-Man.

Reservoir Dogs
One of Tarantino's best and also considered one of the best indie films of all time, started at Sundance. Could we see another breakthrough hit or future big star director premiere at Sundance London? I have reviewed this film before and that can be found here.

Four Lions
This is one of the best British comedies to come around since Hot Fuzz. It is hilarious and rather controversial, everything us British love about a comedy film! Who thought a comedy about terrorists could be so good!

Super Size Me
I could do this list without adding a documentary from the Sundance Film Festival! This is arguably one of the best documentaries ever made, it also had a big impact on audiences and the fast food industry alike. It certainly made me think twice when ordering a giant Big Mac!

So that concludes my list. Other films that didn't make it but should be given a mention include:
Donnie Darko
Napoleon Dynamite
American Psycho
Hump Day
Take Shelter
The Guard
Perfect Sense
Unmade Beds
World’s Greatest Dad
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Come back Monday to see the review for a movie I am extremely excited about, Avenger Assemble. And then after that you can watch my first ever video blog for Sundance London!

See you then!

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