Friday, 31 July 2015

24 Hour London Student Challenge - Next Week!

A small note on something I will be doing next week. Because of this blog I have been selected amongst 11 other students to create a 24 hour student guide to London with Unite Students. This means that I will be sent off to London and made to travel around for 24 hours on a budget, blogging, vlogging, tweeting and instagraming my vist. I'm travelling up Monday and will be meeting and planning the trip with my fellow companions on the Tuesday before then setting out on the Wednesday. It's been put on by Unite Students and you can find out a little about the trip here. As well as the students involved (including myself) here.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter: @SuperAlexMan and Instagram: superalexman to find out what I'll be up to and join in! All of us will be using the hashtag #uStudents24 so make sure to check it out over the next week! Also check out the trip's official Twitter: @uslondon for more information, competitions and prizes along the way!

Come back to my blog next week to see what I'll be up to! I'll be sure to put a twitter feed up here on Monday when I travel up so you can follow everyone throughout the week. It's going to be a great time!

Thanks for reading!

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