Sunday, 22 February 2015

Quick Reviews #10: 2015 Oscars Edition

Time for another edition of quick reviews! This time I will be reviewing a bunch of films that nominated for this years Oscars. Now I have already reviewed a few films that are nominated this year, such as Boyhood (which deserves all the big awards!), so they aren't part of this list! I also have yet to see The Imitation Game, American Sniper or Selma, so I have no opinion on how those will fare at the awards. Below are the films that I have seen recently and are nominated at the Oscars. Enjoy!

An intense, edge of your seat film about a jazz drummer and his mentor. It doesn't sound like it should work but it so does! It's gripping and terrifying, believe the hype. J.K Simmons will win an Oscar for his role in this film and Miles Teller proves again that he is one of the best young actors around at the moment. 5/5.

The Theory Of Everything
A moving and powerful film that is held together by its two brilliant lead performances. There definitely could be Oscars for both Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones. The film looks great but moves through a large portion of time at such pace that leaves you feeling like you've only just scratched the surface of Stephen Hawking's life. 4/5.

Birdman is a great example of the brilliance of filmmaking, everybody involved gets to shine here. The film is made to look as if its done in one take and the actors really get to show off their talents among the brilliant cinematography. It's a great snapshot into the mind of broken actor and critique of the current pop culture industry. 5/5.

It's slow (maybe too slow), moody and mysterious. Foxcatcher brings us the ominous true story of wrestler Mark Schultz and his coach John du Pont. Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo are deservedly nominated for their roles here, but unfortunately the lead Channing Tatum is not, even though in my opinion he was the best thing about the film. 4/5.

Big Hero 6
After The Lego Movie got snubbed, there is only one obvious film left to win best animated feature. Big Hero 6 is a lot of fun and a very powerful and moving film at times. The story is quite formulaic at times but has a enough twists and turns to satisfy. I had a blast watching this film, it is easily one of the best animated films of last year. 4/5.

Well there you go. Are you looking forward to the Oscars this year? Who do you think is going to win big at the awards? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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