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SDCC 2013 Thoughts #5 - Marvel Edition

So after Marvel came and surprised yet again at Comic Con. Keep reading for news on The Avengers 2, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter SoldierThe Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men Days of Future Past!

So if you weren't already aware (the Internet did explode!) the sequel to the incredible Avengers film was given a title by Joss Whedon, a title that made all us Marvel fanatics very, very excited! Accompanied by a short teaser trailer which showed off a first look at villain Ultron, the name of the sequel is Avengers: Age of Ultron.
Ultron is a classic villain for the Avengers so this is great news that we will finally be able to see him on the big screen. Ultron is actually created by Hank Pym, so will we see Ant Man make his debut in the sequel before his own solo film later in 2015? Apparently not, according to Whedon who says they are tweaking the villains origin story and could be the creation of one of the already established heroes.  Hopefully the teaser will make its way online soon either officially or leaked!

Now over to Thor, where Tom Hiddleston rocked the house with his entrance, all dressed up as Loki!

If that wasn't great enough, here is description of the footage shown:
The footage begins in the middle of a battlefield. The Warriors Three are among those fighting. The rainbow bridge appears and Mjolnir comes through first. It hits one of the opponent soldiers and Thor is right behind it. He slams it against the Earth and soldiers go flying. Sif saves Thor from a spear at the last second. Over the hill a giant monster who looks like he's made of clay approaches. He's huge and angry. Nearly 20 feet. "I accept your surrender," Thor grins. The beast refuses and Thor smashes him to pieces with the hammer. "Anyone else?" Thor asks. The Marvel logo comes up and we're in London. Jane Foster is there and Thor arrives via the bridge. "I gave you my word I would return for you," he says. We see Jane in Asgard, exploring the wonder of it all. There's a brief, "Holy s--t" line from Kat Dennings as Thor and Jane vanish via the bridge. There's a brief, "Holy s--t" line from Kat Dennings as Thor and Jane vanish via the bridge. Thor goes to Loki. He's get in a prison cell with a big glass panel in front. "After all this time, you come before me, brother?" says Loki, "Why? To mock?" Thor says he needs Loki's help. We see a hand reach for a broken mask, I believe it's Malekith. "Your bravery will not relieve your pain," a voice (I think Eccleston) says. "Your family and your world will be extinguished." Loki sets off with Thor, Jane, Sif and the Warriors Three for a mission. Jane looks at a monitor and says something about the fabric of reality being torn apart. Sif tells Loki that if he betrays Thor, she'll kill him. Jane marches right up and slaps Loki in the face. "That was for New York!" she says. "I like her," Loki grins. There's a final shot of Thor on the ground, hurt, with Loki standing over him. He kicks Thor directly in the face. Thor reaches for his hammer, but Loki kicks his hand away.
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Sounding great right? I for one am very excited at seeing more Thor and Loki on the big screen!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is starting to kick off now and we will hopefully get a trailer for the film soon. But for now here is a description of the footage show to the audience in Hall H:
We open in an elevator. Cap is inside, looking out the glass window. I think we're in DC. We see him from behind. He's got the shield on his back like a backpack. He turns as more people (Frank Grillo among them) get on. His uniform is new. It looks a lot like the US Agent costume. The music is moody, like The Hunt For Red October. Cap looks Grillo up and down. He senses something isn't right. More people get on. Cap keeps looking at them. He notices many of them are armed. More and more get on with each floor. The elevator is packed. Cap takes another look at their guns. "Before we get started," he says, "Does anyone want to get out?" Grillo says something about it "not being personal" and a fight breaks out. It's a massive fight, mostly shot from above, in the confined space. Cap takes out every single guy. He kicks his shield, flipping it into his hand as he exits. The Marvel logo comes up. We see Robert Redford in an office. He saying that he joined SHIELD to protect the world. "To build a better world sometimes means tearing the old one down," he says. "And that makes enemies." We see the Helicarrier flying. Lots of Black Widow action. Fury shaking hands with Redford. Fury is talking to Cap. "I thought the punishment usually came after the crime," Cap tells him. We see Mackie running from a futuristic helicopter. He leaps off a building and we see the Falcon wings come out! Cap on his motorcycle, fighting the helicopter. The helicarrier falling out of the sky in flames. The final shot is Cap's shield on the ground, A metal hand reaches down to pick it up, revealing the Winter Soldier.
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Marvel have also announced that this film will be the main gateway into Age of Ultron. I get the feeling this could be a completely new Cap, not like the first film, a complete new take on modern day Captain America.

Now for Guardians of the Galaxy in where we get more footage descriptions, prop pictures and concept art!

The Guardians of the Galaxy footage could be my favorite thing I've seen at Comic-Con this year. Guardians of the Galaxy footage just played, revealing the designs of all the characters, with plenty of laughs and action. Star-Lord gets arrested, disappointed they don't know his name. She's described as "Thanos' adopted daughter by Reilly." No word on the voice of Rocket, But he's feisty. He spits as his name gets read. Dave Bautista's Drax the Destroyer wear the body paint from the comics in what we saw while he's in prison. Groot, who is all CGI and has to lean down for his mug shot. Reilly calls him a "personal houseplant slash muscle." I AM GROOT! Then Star Lord, who very slowly does a jack-in-the-box flipping off Reilly. When he finishes, he mocks surprise. "Oh," he says ,"I'm sorry. I didn't know how that machine worked." As he's getting booked, he's very angry about a guard taking his headphones and listening to them. John C. Reilly: "They call themselves The Guardians of the Galaxy" Peter Serafinowicz: "What a bunch of A-holes."

I was a bit worried about this film but now I am excited. Could this be the new Star Wars for the next generation?

And finally, the latest news from X-Men Days of Future Past in which the whole cast was there on stage! The biggest news we heard was about who was time travelling in the film and it will X-Men poster boy Wolverine who's conscious gets sent back to the 70's by Kitty Pride. How Kitty Pride gets time travel powers I don't know? However the cast is impressive enough to make this one of the biggest films of 2014!

The Con is almost over but check back soon for all the latest from San Diego! 

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